Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lancome Sagamore (1985, Vintage edition)

Lancome Sagamore: My First impression of wearing this scent was that of wearing a talcum powder, which wasn’t very sweet. The only hint of sweetness are in it's opening notes where soft notes of (dry) lime peel and herbs peek thru the dense, powdery accords of Lavender..A lavender so rich, one could feel its grittiness, feel it sway, almost taste it. There is a very raw use of Civet here which cuts off any hint of freshness in the scent. kinda gives it a very masculine accord. As the lavender tones down a bit, the notes of lime are much more clearer, although, it's not bright, or sparkling, it smells like dried lemon peel. The framework of this scent is quite obviously like Chanel Pour Monsieur, which makes me think of the Impact Chanel PM had on the perfumery. Sagamore continues to be a green, citrus based chypre in it’s heart notes reminding one of Chanel PM, the only difference, it's not as bright and fresh if you may. Sagamore settles down to a much more relaxed note of vetiver with hints of patchouli and lovely accord of sandalwood towards base...oh how i miss such accords in basenotes..Especially the use o.f sandalwood. Longevity is not exactly what I expected, but a few sprays extra might help JThis could very easily be a daily wear and is not as gothic as one would imagine. it’s a gritty, citrus base woody scent which is dirtied up a bit, yet, Smells a million bucks or more.
People who like Chanel Pour Monsieur type of scents should definitely put this one on their wish list

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