Friday, May 28, 2010

Patchouli and it's warm halo

Parfumerie Generale Intrgrant Patchouli - I guess this is what they refer to as a "hippie" version when it comes to patchouli based scents. It's raw, gritty patchouli...almost smells like being in a tobacco shop. it carries a menthol like coolness which is another charateristic. suave, woody and elegant. perfect for colder weather..

L'Artisan Parfumer Patchouli Patch - Soft, Silk like patch with trademark smell of fine, light brown mud. vanilla provides hint of sweetness which adds to the powdery aura of this gem.

Histoires de Parfums Noir Patchouli - Just cant get enough of this one. This is my go to scent for evenings.  It's said to combine rose with patchouli...but i dont think it's rosy. floral? definitely yes, intense heady mix of florals. something like black rose if theres such a thing. This is one of those rare patchouli based scent that doesnt come across as muddy/earth's much darker.. again, as with all HdP releases, it has a sublime drydown of patch and vanilla. simply divine.

Serge Lutens Borneo 1834 - Niche version of A*Men. Cocoa dusted over Patch. Chocolate accord is perfectly complimented with Patchouli. a very unique blend, in that, neither of them overpower each other.

Ulrich Lang Nightscape - Oh what a dream...if there ever is a poetry describing Patchouli, then it has to be this beautiful release from the house of Ulrich Lang. We get to experience a multifaceted scent..almost like a hologram. The unique aspect of this scent is it's skillful blending with white florals. which makes it all the more interesting, in that, this scent still manages to be a Patch prominent scent. lovely!

Chanel Coromandel - This one, i somehow feel is a lighter version of HdP Noir Patchouli. for all we know, Noir Patchouli would've been inspired by this release. Coromandel is much more on the floral side yet, the use of Patch is distinct and adds the characteristic coolness in begining and earthiness towards base. It's the best in it's class.

Givenchy Gentleman - Probably the "only" designer release which contains Patchouli in such high concentration and purity. A seminal release which is next to none.

*Patchouli offers so many different facets in terms of the depth, powdery nature and it's unique earth like texture in perfumery. Here are some of the scents that i've either sampled or own that i'd recommend anyone interested in this accord to try.. *


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