Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Knize Ten

Knize Ten: Established in Vienna in 1859, Knize is a distinguished label of fine-tailored menswear. It is said that ten days and 7000 hand stitches go into producing each bespoke Knize suit. Knize Ten was created back in 1924.

Knize Ten took me back to my childhood. What it reminded me strongly of is,(dare i say) my Mom's dressing table, it's drawers and its contents, especially talcum Powders (there is one by name Cuticura which is remarkably similar), and leather "finished" makeup kits and purses. This scent literally sucked me into that era and time. The overall aroma is unmistakably captured so damn well for me in K-10. A fascinating scent. I would say this scent is quite easily unisex because of its powdery nature...it may smell tad old fashioned on a women (only some maybe able to carry it off) but on a guy, this is a sure shot winner. This scent has a pretty linear approach and is unmistakably (powdery fresh) Green in it's feel with the powder never loosing its sight. I do not detect any citrus elements in the top notes. When reviews says a “blast of Citrus” - its nothing like an Etro Lemon Sorbet or an Issey or a Live Jazz or anything of that genre... The opening notes is anything but powdery herbal which is green (almost intense fern like sweet note) with a smell of sandalwood talcum powder aged in a metal container...this accord is surprisingly transparent. soon the powdery elements soon take over and this scent lingers on and on in this phase...The leather note in it is not like Heeley Fine leather. It’s more of like a brand new scented leather product.

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