Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bond No. 9

Bond no.9 Riverside drive: Fresh blast of minty sweet fruity notes with a heart of florals and a heavy bottom of musk and woods. this scent is very clear and transparent overall, no dark notes. in a nutshell, this is how you feel when you brush your teeth with those vibrant, fresh, flavored toothpastes. it smells just like tht, and it stays that way for a very long time with a very sweet interplay of notes which will keep you busy. Lovely scent for dates~! this is meant to be worn on dates or if you are planing to ask a girl out! Bond did it with this one for me. it's a must have at any price. Period!! Thumbs up on this one.

Bond No.9 Chez Bond: News Flash! Creed Green Irish Tweed Clone!! ohh wait...everyone knows this already... hmmf..well Go for GIT anyday. this is like a picture, static, theres no interplay of notes the way it breathes in GIT..oh well this is chez bond page..hmm..it is indeed a lame recreation of GIT.Thumbs down for sheer lack of creativity.

Bond No.9 Little Italy:What were they thinkin? Top notes: lime peelMid notes: Lime peelbase notes: lime peel and muskutterly boring.the intensity of lime reminded me of Live Jazz and Eau Sauvage...but there is no movement of notes..just fresh lime notes. if strong citrus us what you like wihtout any complications, thn you may consider. if you like to be kept interested thru out, thn Go for Live Jazz and Eau Sauvage.thumbs down for the rate.

Bond No. 9 Fashion Avenue: Pretty light scent, but very lovely constrution. beautiful florals (ylang Ylang) done in a very realistic way...one could almost feel as if they were smellign the flower directly. but then again the downside is, longevity. i think one needs opt spray a good 10-15 shots to get this baby lingering whole day. lovely creation, coudl be brought for pleasure and close encounters in night.one could almost mistake it for Rose31...

Bond No. 9 So New York: smells like H.M. by Mori, Period. hate these kinda candy like gourmands...if someone doesnt like these kinda scent but would like something in similar lines, then pls try Montales - Chypre Vanille (pls note: CV not a gourmand type, very floral).

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