Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Balmain Ambre Gris

smooooooo - th notes of pina colada greets me with light touch of florals and a smoky touch of woody notes. I have come across fruity scents...but, I can safely say, non like this. It’s beautiful and elegant in its composition; the blend is just perfect, like a harmony. The mood is undoubtedly dark (grey) and mysterious…the progressions, definitely exciting and ever-changing. By mid-notes, the fruity notes (think rich pina colada) melt into a smoky and velvety smooth accord of woods. The smokiness of this scent is the beauty of it, along with it’s lovely blend of woods (the smoke is not as intense as black tourmaline, nevertheless, is a distant relative of the same) all this on a base of warm notes of amber and musk along with resinous notes of incense and woods (think M7). The quality of amber and incense is very smooth and well rounded off leaving no sharp edges… It’s a blend which is very opulent and rich. By base notes, I feel I’m wearing a smoked, woody(intense), leather based scent with touch of incense. The best part is, though it may sound dark, it’s still beautiful and would smell great for both formal and casual occasions.

To sum it up, it's not fair to label it fruity scent; this is "much" more than that. It’s been 10 hours now and still, this scent is evolving, not many do. Close to skin, it still smells beautiful and mysterious; which goes on to show the quality on this scent. Very easy to get addicted to this one. a big assed picture and a thumbs up!

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