Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ungaro I & II

Ungaro I: One of the first things that one would notice when they apply ungaro I is it's smoldering quality. The definition of "smoldering" fits this scent so perfectly that i cant really associate any other scent with that word. the definition (of smoldering) by the way is "to burn slowly and gently, usually with some smoke, but without a flame". How apt. i think it's patchouli oil along with woody resins and lavender which gives it this smoky, wax like feel and heat.

This scent opens with a very warm note of lavender melting into a wax like note of rose, smoldering on patchouli oil and woody notes. By mid notes, this wax like accord gets more blunt and sorta envelopes the wearer. The interplay of woody and floral notes gets more airy on a base of earthy notes with each passing minute, all this while still retaining the core essense of the opening accord, which is it's damp earth like warmth and "polished with wax" smokiness of lavender, rose and woods. it's sheer in nature, never failing to amaze. amber holds the base with lovely notes of sandalwood well rounded off with soft notes of tonka bean..which smells like vanilla's in a way a prequel to III, or may be III was inspired by I. There is a reason why this is hailed as a classic and it's quite justified. comparing it's quality (of ingredients and composition) with Patou is only obvious.

Patou Ph & Prive, Havana, Havana Reserva, Ungaro I, II & III(yet to try the original formulation of III), Morabito OR black+more... - get these while it is still available...the quality of these scents has had me gasping for sure it'll find more suitable admirers...
Ungaro II: Opens with a powdery blast of citrus with hints of rose. 10 minutes into this scent and boy! this one turns into a Stuffy, fur like, Animalic scent! smells of cat fur up close. this is a "CIVET" prominent scent with loads of lavender and musk thrown in. by mids-basenotes, this scent gets even more sexier with the addition of absolutely divine notes of sandalwood. to me, this is essentionally a civet based scent with heart of lavender on a base of musk and lovely notes of sandalwood. in short, Civet, Lavender, Rose and Sandalwood are the true stars of this gem smells very classy and complex all the way from top to bottom.. i'd almost eat myself up when wearing this one. TOP Notch scent!! i'm rushing in for a back up bottle as i'd never want to be without this one. a bold release from the house of Ungaro.

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