Monday, September 1, 2008

Divine - L'homme Sage

Divine Lhomme Sage:L'homme Sage has a divine opening, like a white light, a Glow. A powdery burst of fruity notes and spices(mainly barks and roots kind). Fruity notes are so well rounded and delicately coated with spices with a hint of lime peel..the color and approach this scent evokes is very similar to Himalaya, however, all the similarities end in 15 minutes because, the Sage has finally come out of the white light and descended to a divine forest on Earth..this scent take a complete u-turn after 15 minutes or can encounter the earthiness, the wet nature, the smell of freshly chopped wood or maybe the smell of wet bark of a tree. The patchouli with the hints of vetiver adds to the earthiness of this gem. This scent stays dry and smells very real, smells of damp earth and woody notes, not scented woody notes, but just plain wood in a rain each minutes passes can clearly see these notes wafting of the skin with clear notes of Incense, one of a kind that i have encountered. The smell is very, very, very similar to Lez Nez Let me Play the Lion(LMPTL). i had earlier claimed how disappointing LMPTL was for me..i just didnt get it. but Divine made it simpler for me, it is definitely superior than LMPTL and all counts in terms if execution. With Lhomme Sage, i understood, it was clear, notes were more visible and real. Sage has a very rock solid foundation of one of the best Amber notes and Oakmoss. I think with Sage, Divine tried to accomplish a Scent which would be a Sage in itself. Rock solid theme which, if one gave some thought would really make lot of sense. and Yes, i could very well relate to the name this scent represents.

Fans of earthy green, woody scents, please take a note. this not a scent for parties or office. however, it definitely is something you could approach once you reach home from work, something to wear after a shower, something for colder wheathers..something to wear under the sweater to give you the utmost comfort and warmth without interfering much but, at the same time be there for you when needed. Sage lasts for over 8+ hours easy
Divine Lhomme Sage review, Divine L'homme Sage review

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