Friday, August 29, 2008

Geir By Geir Ness

Geir has one of the "coolest" opening to mid notes that i have come across. i have always wondered if there was a classier version of Old Spice, well yes, there is (imho) and i think i found mine. Smells so "powdery fresh in a very old spice way"(strangely it reminded me of Creed's Himalaya too).

The opening to mid notes remind me of a powdery version of Old Spice/Himalaya moutain breeze which carry mild woody notes with the hint of pepper, lavender and spices. This scent has a very talcum powder kind of powdery effect and at the same time one could feel the wet nature of this scent..somewhere between the midnotes->basenotes this scent morphs into another character altogether..something like gunpowder/steel/metallic accord on a base of somethin which smells very close to Boss selections. i would buy this over and over for it's there to please. two thumbs up! Geir ness review, geir review

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