Friday, August 15, 2008

Lalique - Encre Noir

...the Vetiver is this is not the vetiver we are so used to, it's not green like a Creed OV or a Mugler Colonge or Vetiver hombre, No, Not even close...matter of fact this is the dark side.

Think of a wooden chest, centuries old, lying somewhere in attic of your grand parents house. it's not made of any ordinary wood, but somethin very similar to Sandal wood..It's finished to perfection, weighs quite a lot and is huge enough for a healthy person to slide in. This wood, on the outside too has a damp aromatic quality to wet wood.. open this chest and one is wowed by the amazing aroma of wood trapped inside, along with the smell of old dusty books and some spices which accidently fell in...on second sniff one could smell dust much more clearly..Encre Noir takes this dusty/woody approach and combines it earthy Vetivers...half an hour passes by....there is a smell of ink emanating from the books..but this is not like smelling ink's more like Ink spilled on's the smell of ink with paper.

in a nutshell- after the card-boardish opening notes of ink, this scent single handedly takes the dry/woody/earthy approach to extremes. there is not a single fragrance released commercially that could match this(in niche category there are some)

It takes guts for a company to release a masterpiece like Encre Noir. Lalique has always released scents which are groudbreaking and creates new landmarks in the art of perfumery. Encre Noir is one of them, probably their boldest. it's no doubt a Comfort scent which will Shine is Winters. it'll provide one with the warmth and woody coziness required...and once you are home from a chilly day out and you are all set to sit by the bon fire, be sure you have Encre noir by your side.

Perfumer: Nathalie Lorson
Lalique - Encre Noir review

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