Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Patricia de Nicolai - New York

I rarely have an image associated with a scent which i wear for the first time and the Image that came to my mind when i wore this wonderful scent was...gold rimmed revolving door at a plush 7 star Hotel with red carpets flawlessly clean and me, entering this place in the most comforting grey suit, red silk shawl & hat and ofcourse, PDN New york as my Sotd! quite obviously this scent has more to it than my quote above...This one exudes sheer class and maturity in the most relaxed and comforting way. please dont expect this one to be the run of the mill orientals...NY opens with a muted silence, all i smell in the initial 1 minute is OIL. as the scent starts to settles one is introduced to a clear note of vetiver with bitter variations of citrus and "herbs"...20 minutes into the scent and i get this familiar smell far behind a wall of Pepper, clove, spices and something almost animalic (civet?)...and guess whose lurking behind...Chanel PM! NY definitely shares some key notes with PM, but its only relative, this does'nt smell anything like PM overall.Now, this animalic note lingers around quite a bit giving off "bitter" powdery touch, almost metallic in nature, this stays on for quite sometime..its clearly as if it's holding back a collage of notes, waiting to burst forward..it's when this animalic note tones down its intensity that this scent reveal yet another character..the well rounded effect of oakmoss along with a controlled but majestic touch of spice and green notes on a steady base of amber, leather.A must have in any wardrobe..and please don't expect it to be anything like Obsession "kind" oriental. this one's a unique take and for all you know, a very unique scent like no other.
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