Monday, August 11, 2008


Creed Silver Mountain water: First spritz of SMW and i was bowled over by the smell of fresh citrus on a base of sweet dry earth, currants, "violets, Tea" and mountain fresh green accords..moving forward the green tea note gets a lil clearer which adds to the overall earthiness of this gem along with musk and a hints of patchouli. Blackcurrant and violets add to the overall feel and character of SMW along with lush tea accords on a steady creed base. SMW has a very earthy smell (Fullers earth??) on me, powdery quality to it. I'm not sure if it's just me, but this earthy (powdery, musky patchouli) note in SMW reminds me very strongly of "multani Mithi" or Fullers earth. Mithi in Hindi means Earth or Soil. i think people are referring to the very same note as the "ink jet toner note".

I wish i possessed the right words to describe this scent, neverthless, a classic for anyone who admires green earthy scents. all the references to Chrome, CK one, unforgivable (oh please) etal is baseless and holds no relevance.SMW last over 6 hours on me which is enjoyable, good sillage thereafter. SMW is powdery overall with excellent longevity

Creed - Green Valley: Beautifully subtle, natural smelling scent which would evoke images in mind, an image of a breezy green valley? Indeed. Very few scents that i have tried have had this kind of Visual image attached, as if it was a scene from memory. I love trekking and we freinds usually like to trek during monsoon time..mainly dense forest 6000 feet above sea level. This scent took me back in time and reminded me of how beautiful these treks were, took me back to the cool mornings, where gentle breeze would gustle past carrying with it the smell of the valley.. far far away from the pollution and chaos.

GV opens with a "subtle" burst of slightly sweet and sour fruits (berries?) tempered with a very controlled citrus & vetiver covered with fresh mint leaves with dew drops still on it. this one stays green, mellow, soft with a caressing touch of violets, never too loud. The mint stays fresh for a long time...the touch of vetiver with hints of moss adds a lil bite towards midnotes which is very relaxing evoking positive this time i had reached work, oh yes...all the time while driving, i cudnt take my mind of those beautiful treks...almost an hour and the mint/vetiver/citrus/berries element is still there...there is a certain cooling effect this one has which is very refreshing..past the midnotes, the scent gets a lil stronger and "perfumy"..the tops notes are wearing out leaving clean traces of green notes & vanilla with hints of violets on a lush base of sandalwood and musk, sure to please the wearer and others's only in the base the scent doesn't smell natural enuff anymore and is a very comforting base of musk, Sandalwood and oakmoss. lasts good 6 hours on me, thereafter with moderate to decent enuff sillage.

Creed - Erolfa: Another scent which evoked images in my mind. i could almost hear the waves gently waft the boat..the sweet and salty smell of sea with a strong breeze which carries smell from far.. i really cudnt shakedown that image, it was true and pure. i'm totally in awe of how they managed to pull this one of. what in it gives away that feeling of being at sea? not on the beach, but right in middle of the sea with sea weed floating by. an experience not to be missed.Erolfa opens with loud tart tangerine note which is almost as tangy as your Altoids pellet combined with the smell of melon juice dried off in hand...the citrus elements add a nice bite to the openin with the melon sweetning things up...some might say this is synthetic, but i felt it was just being true to the smell of salt and sea breeze, which is actually sweet, also, a defnite progression to the most enjoyable phase in the scent..."middle in the sea accord"- well within an hour, this scent take a mellow approach, with definite movement and interplay between the notes, notes which fade in and out, as if it were breathing...this is what probably gives this scent the feel of waves, real waves...i really wish this phase lasts forever, but like every good thing, it does fade out respectfully to a dirty base of Sandalwood, Amber, musk and sea weed. Erolfa lasts over5-6 hours on me with moderate sillage thereafter.

Creed Green Irish Tweed: Well, whenever i come across a new scent, i hope it's something which i have never smelled before, something unique; i didnt get tht feel when i sniffed GIT, same thin happened when i sniffed Chanel PM, but then i thought, maybe the scents im referrin to were inspired by these. another aspect which i noticed only recently was that it was released in 1985, now was'nt tht the era of heavyweights and intense perfumes? GIT is never too loud and is a classy scent with subtle developments.

Though the opening is citrus based, this one's tempered with something very musky, fruity sweet, almost powdery quality, somethin in the vain of CK be. It does have a stinky, fruity opening. Some notes in it, never allows the citrus to add its brightness. the opening notes clam down to a base which is very comforting, musky & ambery in it's drydown. also, something about GIT has a "cooling" effect to it, cant really put my finger on it..This is definitely for someone who is not looking to gather attention, but will still do in a very nice way. nothing in it can possibly offend anyone, i guess it's in its simplicity of design, comfort and wearability that GIT has won over. is it worth the price, well, very subjective... but i find this one very wearable on a daily basis, something i could comfortably wear in front of my CEO, i only wish i could afford it time to time. there are some notes in it which is very common used in deodrants, hence the familiarity. Similarity to Cool Water lasts for 25 mins and not anythin beyond that, the Violets have been treated with so much finesse and Subtlety here, unlike CW where its loud and brash. so, for those who are not trying this one out thinking it CW, please reconsider. GIT last over 5 hours on me which is enjoyable, thereafter moderate sillage.

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