Monday, August 11, 2008

Serge Lutens

Serge Lutens scents throws away the conventional elements of perfumery in todays market, Instead, it makes an bold attempt to give the user a raw and ethreal feel. Lutens fragrances transports one to places never felt before, draws themes and evokes strong emotions.

It's like being massaged for the first time, Lutens frags are an Olfactory equal to this.

Serge Lutens - Amber Sultan: Sultan - means supreme, the king of desert, a ruler. ..Amber Sultan opens with a "sharp" balm like spicy herbal opening, with a mint like coolness to it reminding one of tiger balm for an instance. Amber in a way embraces this sharp herbal/medicinal notes along with benzoin giving this scent an resinous depth like no other. the intial sweetness and intensity of herbs is beyond's almost fluid and consistent in its sillage exuding smoky bittersweet herbal incense..the mids is where this scent begins to unfold its charisma, where the medicinal(herbal) notes tone down its presense to reveal one of best amber notes that have come across along with hints of vanilla (will remind one of Opium for a second) and hint of patchouli..which gives off a dusty dry feel..this scent evokes true smoke..not the way i experienced with declaration...this ones real...the basenotes is where the woods show up...true Amber..with the gentlest touch of green on the outside along with sandalwood..evoking thoughts of this resins being freshly could almost feel true structure of AmberAmber sultan is one of the most comforting scents out there which has a healing touch, almost like a therapy. the potions that everyone keeps talkin about? the long lost ones? well, this could very well be one of them. this ones herbal, warm, smoky, animalic & rugged. thumbs way up..

Serge lutens - Chergui: Chergui in love with this...imagine a 1000 tea leaves placed over each other with lime skin placed in between every 200 of these leaves..throw in a good measure of hay and slightly dry but still green tobacco leaves and vapors of honey. now place genuine leather (used in saddle preferably) on each side like sandwich, it may be worn out in the sun, but it's authentic place all this in between steel weights a ton each and crush em up...what do you get? juice first, but then oil..every last drop of life, every last drop of life left poured into a bottle and sold at $140 for a 50 you think it's overpriced...? hell no...

what an experience this has been (this is a limited edition and it is available only in their Paris outlet, I got lucky!)...get your bottle while it lasts...this ones not to be missed. this one will never try to please, its there to give the user an ethreal experience. an experience of another place..a place one has never been. smoky green at first with a sultry leather/tobaco mids & with one of most divine amber with leather and animalic musk basenotes, ever. smells like slightly sweaty skin. is it wearable? sweet Jesus! Yes! it's as classy as it gets.

Serge Lutens Cedre: this juice is for real, i get lots of tuberose coated with honey for the initial hour or two, its then that the tuberrose tones down its intesity quite a bit to reveal woody notes on a raw base of amber and animalic musk! i think careful application is the key. If tuberose isnt your thing then steer clear. i agree that this would suite a lady more, but hey, to each his own. if you are fine with tuberose then i presume you would survive the intial hour or two easy, with a smile. Most suitable for colder whethers. a strict no no for summers, unless you are fine with two sprays.
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