Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Gucci Pour Homme

Gucci PH opens with a camphory sweet, slightly smoky incense on top of green leafy notes & woody accord. it is no doubt a sweet incense based scent, with a subtle touch of sandalwood and other "woody" notes...as the sweetness (infamous pencil shaving note) starts to wear off in time, the leather, benzoin, incense n Amber works up the smoky sillage...this ones a smoky, spicy, incense based scent with a comforting base of leather, wood and amber..leaving a trail of pure class beyond words. Like Dior Homme (no similarity in smell), Gucci PH leaves an impression on the wearer...the aspect that i find most intriguing about this scent is the sillage, a masterpiece from Gucci, one that can challenge well known niche scents costing 5 times more.
Gucci Pour Homme review, gucci ph review

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