Monday, August 11, 2008

CDG incense series

CDG incense series

The incense series in general, startled me at first. Kyoto and Jaisalmer would probably be the two which would come across embracou immediately, saying that it doesnt mean it doesnt have substance, only that the other two, Avignon and Zagorsk, are pretty bold, no holds barred, really intense scents but, couple of wears in to it and one would appreciate all of these for their respective qualities.Incense series is dark, woody, smoky, mysterious, resinous, earthy, dusty and loaded with incense in general. though they all have the same characters, they smell poles apart from each other in their approach. a definite for someone who is looking for an adventure, a spiritual and meditative adventure in perfumery

Kyoto: i have never stepped inside Japan, leave alone Kyoto . it seems the be the most "wearable" of the incense series along with Jaisalmer. Kyoto smells of temple made of woods with ceiling darkened by the soot of incense, there is a odd ink note which reminds one of CDG 2 for a sec. Kyoto opens with a very crushed leafy note which is almost violet in approach... the midnotes carry fresh breeze from the cedar/pine forest along with a healthy dose of powdery florals and woody notes, all this on a solid base of amber and incense. The comparison to Christian lacroix Tumulte is very true, only tumulte lacks the intense incense laden basenotes, neverthless, tumulte could be a very good substitute for someone who wants to get a good idea of what Kyoto is all about.

Jaisalmer: opens with lush spicy notes, mainly those which evoke sweet aroma, smells of barks with a bite of chilli. the spicy notes is well rounded by the time i reach midnotes with a heavy hand of woody notes, this scent is not dry but, its definitely warm though... somewhere in midnotes i felt as if i have reached the basenotes and there would be no further development here on, oh well, the woody notes starts to wear off revealing the sweetest incense notes. i think this one is the "sweetest" of the incense series with a very camphory cool feel potent enuff to numb ones nostrils... be prepared for "what are you wearing! you smell exotic." comment.

Avignon: opening to mid notes, this has one of most INTENSE "Frankinsence" note. its as if i was put inside a chest filled with Frankinsence for over the last century or so, its very very very intense. it takes almost an hour for this rustic note ot wear off; then revealing the altar surroung it with massive ceilings and aged stone which has absorbed the soot from this incense for as long as mankind. the coldness of the stone is to be sniffed to be believed. basenotes has the infamous "dust" notes giving the basenotes a very ambery, dry feel with hints of burnt woods. A priest would defintiely find this interesting. wearable? well, couple of wears will tell me if it i could wear to it work, i dont wanna end up conducting a Mass..This one is potent, exciting and unlike any other scent i have sniffed before, however, the smell is not unfamiliar, every christian knows this smell. if one would like to know how this smells, please go to the nearest church, it's about time :)

Zagorsk: Zagorsk is the smokiest of the four i have of the incense series, right of the sprayer, this scent starts working its vibes like a virus, smoke fills up the room with strong incense notes, this one again has some kind of mothball kind of intense notes coupled with peppered spices which literally makes me numb, it stays this way for almost 2 hours or so finally retiring to sweet burnt woody notes reminded me of jacomo de jacomo quite a bit until midnotes. just a reference. very intriguing and thought provoking and to an extent, one would miss this scent when this is not your Sotd (scent of the day).

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