Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Loris Azzaro - Chrome

To me Chrome classifies as a niche fragrance. it's an amazing release which is often mocked upon and laughed at but, to me it's a landmark and an remarkable acheivement in perfumery. the notes interplay with each other with such amazing clarity, zing, effervescence that it's capable of shaking one up - "fresh" and it stays that way. The mere thought of applying it after shower brings on a smile. When it comes to lasting, it has stuck on me thruout a swelterin afternoon out in the sun, sweating profusely, but this one refuses to die out. Instead it mixes with sweat and gives off a fresher feel, sorta like a filter.

One would notice that this amazing concoction opens with a burst of freshness and a slight metallic note which sets the tone to this scent. There is a radiant inner glow to this scent which is done in the very same class as Dior Eau Sauvage. This burst of freshness is sparkling & shimmering with a radiant inner glow..combined with slightly bitter citrus elements, well rounded off with a musky cloud of dew and gentle tea notes; giving this gem a almost, mineral like, transparent, clear smell...the base of this one is quite woody yet, maintains the freshness till the end.

I, by now, have got introduced to Serge Lutens, 5 of the Creeds, and other so called Niche brands, and i wish they had released this gem. but they didnt, this was god's gift for common people like (me) to enjoy.
Perfumer: Gerard Haury under the creative direction of Loris Azzaro.
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