Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lorenzo Villoresi - Alamut

Alamut opens with a flowery sweet, incense based opening which is mesmerising to say the least. An Indian would instantly recognise this smell as a spicy Rose based Agarbatti. This is a scent which has definite progression and stages..the first 1/2 hour-45 minutes is dominated by a sweet rose based agarbatti kind incense with heavy rosewood and other floral notes. The midnotes reveal a "well controlled" Tuberose as an anchor with a blunt powdery coating - delicious. The base note is the most comforting with the trademark LV musky/Ambery undertones.

It's always amazing to see a scent with definite stages...the intial sweet incense based opening to a blunt midnotes with almost little or no sweetness to a comforting base of musk, amber and benzoin....very rare to come across a scent so beautiful, that one could actually miss them.

This could be a wonderful fragrance for someone who is looking for something very unique and quite unlike any designer/niche fragrance out there. a wonderful evening fragrance sure to captivate the user and ooze a sense of mystery and sensuality of different level to both self and the people surrounding. just for lthe ladies? - i dont think so...this one can be worn by a man, easy.

Perfumer: Lorenzo Villoresi
Lorenzo Villoresi - Alamut review, Lorenzo Villoresi Alamut review

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